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KYRGYZSTAN part 2 (english)

KYRGYZSTAN Currency: Som € 1 = 66 Som With Spanish passport, you do not have to process Visa

We are back in Biskek, Kyrgyzstan. A day ago we arrived by plane from Barcelona, ​​making a stopover in Istanbul, Turkey, when we arrived we were very tired because of the jetlag, although there were only 4 hours of difference. Upon arriving, a taxi (with the cracked glass and 1,000,000 Kms., Etc ...) that would take us to Hostal NomadsLand, our contact in Bixkek thanks which saved our van last winter.

In this hostel we will stay three nights to prepare the Vivac van for the new adventure that awaits us. Samuel (the owner of the hostel), Enric and I have been driving by taxi to the Biskek police school where have been keeping the van since last summer. We found the boot battery connected, although we had left it disconnected, and we suspect that it was used by some.

The van did not make contact, we let the battery out, but luckily we had a starter that gave us the power to start it.

Bruna and Miriam were very happy to have the van again. We also saw that there were dirty dishes in the sink and in the fridge we found chocolate and a bottle of vodka. Our suspicions were taking shape: the battery, dirty dishes, the refrigerator and a faucet that did not work. But we thought it could have been worse and that the van had vanished. After all, in this hostel they have treated us very well and we have felt very comfortable.

We found a good mechanic that changed the battery and engine oil. And at the same time there was a rental car that was ready while we took dinner.

The following morning we woke up lately. In the hostel asked us to teach how to cook an spanish omelet, so we did, after bringing the olive oil for cooking. We brought some gifts to Samuel and his wife Zulia and in the evening they invited us to have dinner with his 13 year old Raphael son.

The restaurant is built with the original materials of the Kyrgyz houses and it is like a tour of different architectural spaces. We will eat traditional cuisine, all kinds of different bread, salads, lamb chops and various kinds of grilled beef, all very tasty !! . During dinner I did a magic trick that my grandfather and I have been preparing in Russian language. After dinner they invited us to their home to take the tea. Raphael, Bruna and I played a lot of time together minewhile adults talk about the trip. When we decided to leave, Raphael gave a thorn to Bruna and me. When we arrived at the hostel Enric still had to prepare the track for the next day. The adventure begins!

Our route will be the North West of Kajahastan-Russia-Georgia-Turkey and perhaps the way to Barcelona by ferry, it is still unclear.

Within the route we pass close to Lake Issik-Kul, we will follow the South. We spent the first night in the South of the lake, in a natural canyon called "Fairy-Tale Canyon", despite the tourism, it has been the best decision to spend the night, the next day we can go around these rough gorges and continue the trip direction to Karakol, where we have to stop buying a gas stove.

The Issik-Kul lake does not seem so amazing or authentic as Lake Song-Köl and we decide to drive north. We embark on a very beautiful highway port and stop sleeping near Tologoy, in a field where there are only 2 or 3 yurts. While we are having dinner, the locals come and look for us to invite us to their yurt. We accept the invitation enchanted, we were missing the hospitality of the nomads. We spent a lot of hours laughing, although we did not understand almost anything about the language but it was not necessary.

We are very close to the border, we see cyclists in the opposite direction of ours and we stop to greet them. What a surprise!! It turns out to be the Servieta, the Basque-Polish girl we met last summer in Tajikistan. We are very excited to meet again and we want to capture the moment.

This crossing is really easy and without any complications. Policemen are happy and have a continuous smile that makes the procedures agile.

We are already in Kazahstan, what a new country!

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